Inspiration from the Life of Midori Goto


Born in Osaka Japan, Midori Goto is one of the most prominent violinists in the world. Her road to musical success started when she was eleven years old. Her family had moved to New York and Midori wanted to join the Juilliard Pre-College School. She performed Johann Bach’s thirteen-minute Chaconne for her audition. Many violinists consider it as one of the most difficult violin solos ever written. Midori’s audition was successful and consequently, the institution accepted her application. Her entry into the Juilliard Pre-College School is one part of her musical journey. Here are some interesting facts about Midori Goto.


Midori’s Mother And Grandmother Were Critical to Her Success

Midori’s mother noticed her daughter’s love for music when Midori was still young. More specifically, she heard Midori humming to a Johann Bach song that she had played a few days earlier. As a result, she decided to teach her daughter how to play the violin. Midori’s grandmother also played a major role in nurturing Midori’s talent. She bought her granddaughter a small violin. Midori was only three years old when she got this violin.


Midori Loves Humanitarian Work

Midori founded her first NGO when she was twenty-one years old. The principal mandate of this NGO was to educate kids on music in both Japan and New York City. She called it Midori & Friends. Music Sharing took over this organization in 2002. It is important to note that Midori had already started another organization in 2001 known as Partners in Performance. The United Nation named her a Messenger of Peace in 2007. She also won numerous awards for her humanitarian efforts. They include the Mellon Mentoring Award in 2012 and the Crystal Award in the same year.


Inspiration from the Life of Midori Goto

Learning music is an excellent idea because you can pass it on to your children. Remember, the first person to teach Midori how to play the violin was her mother. Midori used that knowledge to become one of the most successful women in music today. Did you know that the Japanese government named her as the Artist of the Year in 1988? Additionally, she received a Suntory Music Award in 1993 and an Avery Fisher Prize in 2001. More importantly, Midori gives back to society. Follow her humanitarian example i.e. make this world a better place than it is today.


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