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Inspiration from the Life of Jimi Hendrix (part 2)


His real name was James Marshall Hendrix. Jimi was his nickname that later turned into his stage name. He was a prominent guitarist during his time. In fact, many rock & roll fans consider him as the greatest electric guitarist who ever lived. Rolling Stone ranks him as the sixth-best musical artist of all-time. Here are some interesting facts on Jimi Hendrix.


Jimi’s Mainstream Career Lasted For Four Years

Born in November 1942, Jimi started playing the guitar when he was fifteen years old. He formed his first band at this time. Unfortunately, the police caught him cruising in stolen cars when he was nineteen years old. Consequently, he joined the army in May 1961 to avoid prison.

Discharged in June 1962, Jimi formed another band in 1963. He also played for several outfits and then he moved to England in 1966. His mainstream career started at this point. Jimi released several hits that topped the charts in the UK. By 1967, he was also famous in the US. Unfortunately, Jimi died in September 1970, four years after he had shot to fame in both the UK and the US.


Jimi Hendrix Was a Reckless Person

Jimi used up his savings in a Tennessee club after the army had discharged him. More specifically, he went into the club with $400 in his pocket, but he came out of it with $16. Moreover, substance abuse led to various physical confrontations with his friends and his female companions. Ultimately, this habit led to his death on 17 September 1970. On this day, Jimi overdosed on a sleeping tablet known as Vesparax. This drug had a negative impact on his body causing him to choke on his vomit.


Inspiration from the Life of Jimi Hendrix

You can leave your mark on this world. Jimi did it in four years while you have the rest of your life. Make it count. Do not waste any time on trivial matters. Instead, focus on your music and keep at it until your perfect it. It is important to note that no one is perfect and neither was Jimi Hendrix. His indulgence in drugs and alcohol should be a wake-up call to all musical students. Avoid drugs at all costs. Remember, substance abuse leads to death and destruction.


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