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Inspiration from the Life of Igor Stravinsky


Igor Stravinsky is known to inspire millions of piano students across the globe as he is considered as a towering figure in the 20th century music even after five decades of his death. He was also known as a modern era composer who has been credited with the best known musical pieces of his times as he loved folk music and fairy tales. “Fireworks” is his first composition, which helped him get a job as a composer in a Ballet Company. He was one of the most important as well as influential composers of 20th century whose compositional career was renowned for the stylistic delivery and way he perceived music to be an integral part of his life. Igor Stravinsky achieved international fame with the three ballets that has been commissioned by impresario Sergei Diaghilev and his performance was the Ballets Russes: The Firebird, The Rite of Spring and Petrushka. He has the enduring reputation of being a musical revolutionary who strived to pushed the boundaries of the musical design and he also had a Russian phase that compromised of works like Les Noces, The Soldier’s Tale and Renard.


You can also get inspiration from the life of Igor Stravinsky who was truly epochal innovators of music who has exerted pervasive influence and even dominated the art of playing piano like no other. He gained immense popularity in his musical career as he stressed on the importance of harmony and rhythm as these are considered as the most important hallmark of his style of music. His is also known to inspire a large number of piano students as he has more than hundred musical work to his name as he was a genius who created amazing music and loved it to the core. Igor Stravinsky got inspiration from the beautifully expressive folk music of Russia but he added offbeat rhythmic drive to the folk song inspired melodies that resulted in the best music, melody and rhythm that was not witnessed before. He is someone who has employed different and unique harmonic effects into the musical instrument that he used as he is known for his revolutionary utilization of rhythm.


Moreover he wanted to escape from predictable nature of the traditional rhythmic patterns for which he strive to make immense changes in this arena so that he can get the kind of music that everyone will love. He exploited silence, shifted in the rhythmic accents and changed the meters at unexpected points for creating exciting rhythmic patterns and it shocked the world immensely. The harmonic and rhythmic innovations of Igor Stravinsky continue to inspire piano lovers as the music range from rock and pop to motion picture soundtracks. These are the reasons why he is known as the most prominent composer and influential figure of his period. Serialism adopted by Stravinsky shocked the entire musical establishment as he is known for his consistency in music as he changed the composition technique for a more favorable outcome for creating music that made people spellbound with his composition.


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