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Inspiration from the Life of George Harrison


George Harrison was an English guitarist born in 1943. He died in 2001. He was also a songwriter, singer, and music and film producer. He was the lead guitarist for the Beatles. Fans of this music band referred to him as the silent Beatle. You should note that the band’s albums from 1965 onwards consist of at least two songs from George. After the breaking up of the Beatles, George Harrison managed to produce several solo albums that had a number of bestselling songs. He was also ranked at number 11 by the Rolling Stone magazine in their list of the “Top-100 Guitarists of All Time.”


Interesting Facts about the Life of George Harrison

Despite being referred to as ‘the silent Beatle,’ one of his friends said Harrison was the best person to hang out with at any time. His friend could not imagine Harrison as a quiet person because the guitarist never kept quiet during these hangouts. In the summer of 1963, Harrison was confined to a hospital bed. He wrote his first song, “Don’t Bother Me,” during this trying time in his life. In the same year, he became the first Beatle to perform at a show in the U.S.


How the Guitar Changed George Harrison’s Life

George Harrison joined the Beatles in 1958. His passion for playing the guitar took him to unimaginable heights socially and financially. He became one of the most successful lead guitarists in history. Even after the band broke up in 1970, George managed to stand on his two feet. In fact, he produced several albums after the breakup. At the time of his death, Harrison was worth over £100 million.


How the Guitar Can Change Your Life

As a music student with a passion for playing the guitar, you can use this instrument as a tool that would guarantee you fame and fortune. For instance, imagine that you know how to compose a song but you do not have confidence in your voice. How do you succeed in such a scenario? Well, you can produce instrumental records and people will receive them as well as they do receive vocal records. In other words, you do not have to hold on to a band, a singer, or anything else as long as you love what you are doing.


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