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Inspiration from the Life of Franz Liszt


Adam Liszt taught his son, Franz Liszt, how to play the piano. These lessons paid off as Franz turned into a promising child prodigy. His talent and knowledge in music grew exponentially. In fact, Franz became so good at playing the piano that he started composing when he was eight years old. Moreover, Franz performed in concerts by the time he was nine years old.


The Paris Conservatory Denied Him Admission into the Institution

Adam traveled to Vienna with his son so that Franz could explore his talent. In Vienna, Antonio Salieri, a music director at the Viennese Court, offered to train the young pianist. He would train Franz without charging his father a single cent. After several months of training, Franz Liszt became an outstanding piano player. He even played for Kings, wealthy nobles, and his fellow musicians. When Franz was twelve years old, his father decided to move to Paris. He took his son with him. Unfortunately, the Paris Conservatory rejected Franz’s application to join the institution. The reason given by the Conservatory for the rejection was Franz’s status as a foreigner.



The Death of His Father Left Him Hopeless

Adam Liszt, Franz’s father, died in 1826. His death devastated Franz. The budding pianist turned his back on his music career. Instead, he buried his head in books that dealt with religion and arts. Fortunately, these books had a great impact on his music career at a later period. At the age of twenty-two years, Franz met Comtesse Marie d’Agoult. She became the love of his life. In fact, she inspired him to write several impressions in his work titled, ‘the Years of the Pilgrim.’ It is important to note that most of the proceeds from his concerts went to various charities and humanitarian works.


Inspiration from the Life of Franz Liszt

Doing what you love makes it possible for you to win the hearts of the many people including prominent personalities. Remember, Franz came from a simple background, but he performed before world leaders and nobles. He did so with great passion and enthusiasm. Additionally, you can learn something else from Franz Liszt i.e. the death of a loved one is not the end of the world. Yes, it is devastating, but you can overcome it. Find your inspiration so that you can get back on your feet.


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