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Inspiration from the Life of Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley (1935-1977) was an American singer and songwriter. He is one of the most memorable music icons of the 20th century. In fact, many people refer to him as ‘the king of rock & roll.’ Interestingly, Elvis was an only child. He attended spiritual services at the Assemblies of God Church where his interest in music started.


His Teachers Thought He Was an Average Boy

When he joined first grade at age 10, his teachers thought he was as an average student, but he impressed them with a rendition of ‘Old Shep’, which is a country song on morning prayers. This prompted his teacher to encourage Presley to join a singing contest. During the contest, Elvis decided to dress like a cowboy. He stood on a stool so that he could reach the microphone. This was Presley’s first public performance, and he took the fifth position in the contest.


He Loved Playing the Guitar When He Was a Kid

Elvis’ father bought him a guitar a few months after the ‘Old Shep’ presentation. This gift did not impress Elvis. He wanted something else like a bicycle. Elvis received guitar lessons from two of his uncles and a church pastor in the years that followed.


Other Kids Teased Him

At school, Eric was mostly a loner. He would bring his guitar to school and then play it during lunch hours. Other kids started teasing him. Some even said he was a ‘trashy kid who plays hillbilly music.’ Fortunately, Elvis pressed on with his interest in music and his resilience yielded wonderful results. For example, he was 12 years old when the first station played his music. It played on Slim’s show, which aired on WELO, a Tupelo radio station.


Inspiration from the Life of Elvis Presley

Sometimes, people want to undermine you. They might even say bad things about you or your ambition. Ignore that kind of negativity. Instead, focus on your career. Play your instrument and sing your song. This resilience will pay off in the end just as it paid off for Elvis when he kept playing his guitar even though other kids teased him because of it.


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