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Inspiration from the Life of David Bowie


Born in 1947 in the city of Brixton, David Robert Jones was a musician driven by a level of energy that is far greater than what most other pop artists have to date. He started playing the saxophone at the age of thirteen. The first bands he played included The Kon-Rads, the Mannish Boys, and The King Bees. Eventually, the Lower Third introduced him to the world of pop. By 1966, he had become David Bowie, a singing music legend in addition to being a celebrity with a unique hairstyle. In 1969, his splash on the charts began with Space Oddity.


Bowie Struggled Unsuccessfully In the Beginning

Once upon a time, David Bowie struggled with his career as most musicians do before he actually became recognized. Most of his 60’s were spent with different bands of different acts that led nowhere and it was in the 70’s that he finally attained success. However, in all that time, Bowie believed in himself and never gave up hope regardless of how difficult his circumstances were. Bowie was different from many of his contemporaries and therefore, he stood out among them as theatrically appealing.


Bowie Worked With Great People

David Bowie believed in working with others and not just anybody but great people who would bring success to all he did. He had a lot of respect for producers and other musicians as well. He loved being around people and doing great things together. In fact, working with great people like Brian Eno, Mick Ronson, Tony Visconti, Robert Flipp, Rick Wakeman, Ken Scott, Nile Rodgers and many more artists contributed to his success.


Inspiration from the Life of David Bowie

Musical students ought to learn that everything happens in due time and they have to persevere as Bowie did without losing hope. Being different from others also helps because when people can relate to you if you stand out among your peers. In today’s world, it is tempting for musicians to do things on their own but one should know that working with other great people leads to major successes in life.


Students should also learn from Bowie that unpredictability is a useful tool in marketing your music. In a world of social media, there is so much communication going on that musicians are no longer as mysterious as they were to their fans. In fact, fans know what they are about to do even before they do it, ruining the element of surprise.


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