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Inspiration from the Life of Andrés Segovia


Classical guitarists refer to Andrés Segovia as the Grandfather of Classical Guitar. Born in February 1983, he died in June 1987. His fellow classical guitarists remember him for his expressive performances, distinct musical personality, and a broad palette of tone. His uncle, Eduardo, introduced him to the world of music. Eduardo took Segovia to a violinist. Unfortunately, the violinist was too strict on the boy, so Eduardo had to discontinue the lessons. He decided to move to Granada along with Segovia so that his nephew could access quality education in music.


Segovia’ Family Wanted Him to Become a Lawyer

Francisco Tarrega trained Segovia in Granada. Unfortunately, Tarrega died before Segovia had reached the pinnacle of his musical talent. In 1909, at age 16, Segovia performed his first public debut in Granada. However, his family discouraged him from pursuing music. Instead, they wanted him to pursue law. Segovia remained steadfast in his resolve. He studied music diligently. Luckily, he debuted in Madrid a few years later after his first public performance. He performed some of the works written by his former teacher, Tarrega, during this debut.


Segovia’ Music Impressed His Fellow Musicians

In 1912, he played again in Madrid opening doors for additional concerts in Madrid and other cities in Europe. In 1915, he played in the Paris Conservatory and then he performed in Barcelona the following year. He toured South America in 1919. Additionally, he visited Mexico in 1923 for the first time where his music made a lasting impression on Manuel Ponce. He also made an impression on Hermann Hauser Sr. when he visited Germany in 1924. Segovia’ music impressed Hauser so much that Hauser gave him a guitar as a gift. Segovia used the guitar in his tour of the United States in subsequent years.


Inspiration from the Life of Andrés Segovia

Family members may try to divert you from your passion because they feel that another career is good for you. Segovia’ life should teach you the importance of persevering in your passion. Do not let it go. Give it your best and you will travel the world just as Segovia did. More importantly, you will leave a lasting impression on fellow musicians, family members, friends, and listeners.


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