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Inspiration from the Life and Music of Glenn Gould


Glenn Gould, a Canadian musician was born in 1932 in Toronto and during his music career, he provoked much controversy with the way he interpreted the piano, the way he wrote music and the fact that he loved recording better than performing live concerts. Gould was a renowned pianist who preferred music from the Baroque Era, the Renaissance Era, and the early 20th century. His mother taught him how to read music and play the piano. By the time he was 10 years old, Gould could play the entire well-tempered Clavier book.


He Started Playing Music When He Was Very Young

Gould started his music career while he was still a student. In fact, he was very young when he joined the Toronto Conservatory of Music and at the age of only 12, he passed the final exam in piano with an achievement of the highest marks of any candidate. He attained a professional standing as a pianist while he was 12.


He Liked Studying Music More Than He Liked Playing It

Despite the fact that he was one of the best pianists of all times, Gould preferred reading and studying music a lot more than he did playing it. He once stated that he personally did not understand why pianists had to reinforce what they already knew by playing too much. Gould was more capable of practicing with his mind without any access to the piano.


Inspiration from the Life of Glenn Gould

If a person feels that music, composing or playing instruments is what they really want, it is never too early to begin. Gould could play the piano when he was three years only and he was a professional by the time he was 12. We should also learn that pursuing what you really want is simply the best course you can take. Even though Gould was an exceptional pianist, he much preferred to study music than he did playing it. Additionally, he wanted to record it rather than play music at live concerts. He did not necessarily feel pressured to keep playing just because he was good at it, he did play, but he concentrated more on what he loved.


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