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Informative And Educative Details About Who Invented The Piano


Informative And Educative Details About Who Invented The Piano


The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori who lived between 1655 and 1731. He hailed from Padua, Italy and was employed as the keeper of instruments by Ferdinando de’ Medici who was the Grand Prince of Tuscany. Cristofori was very skilled as a harpsichord maker and this helped him a lot in making the first piano. The Medici family had the ability to keep records and according to these records Cristofori made the first piano around the year 1700. The earliest pianos had the accidental keys being white and the natural keys were black. A friend of Cristofori who was known as Sebastian LeBanc suggested that these keys should be inter-changed. Since then to the current days the accidental keys on the piano are black while the natural keys are white.


It is believed that Cristofori invented the piano as a way of trying to improve on the clavier and harpschord. He was doing these improvements so that to create an instrument that can produce more controlled sound. The item on his thoughts was supposed to also allow players to add rhythm while playing music. Even though Cristofori did not have any example to copy from he was able to apply his skills and come up with an instrument that was able to produce clear and loud sounds. This was arguably his biggest invention even though he was able to invent other instruments through his life time.


Since the first piano was invented a lot of improvements have been made to where currently there are technologically oriented pianos. The concept on the very first piano has been maintained through the years but improvements have been made to ensure the piano can produce better sounds. History shows that the first pianos were spread to the other parts of the world besides Italy by 1800. Initially the pianos were only being used by the affluent and influential families. But with time the use of the pianos was spread to almost anyone who would be able to afford and play the piano. Therefore, the piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori and since its invention it has been improved to a better and more effective instrument.


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