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Idolizing The Prominent Guitar Players


There are a vast number of people, whether they are guitar players, or simply lovers of music, that have their very own guitar heroes. It is these heroes that may have inspired you with music and given you the motivation to learn how to play the guitar.

Below are some of the prominent guitar players who have compiled groundbreaking profiles in the history of guitar playing.


George Harrison

This famous guitarist was a member of the Beatles. He remains to be idolized by many people for his skill of guitar playing, even after he left the Beatles to proceed with a solo career. He is remembered for being a great man who played the guitar with a huge amount of emotion and feeling. He is also regarded as among the greatest guitar players of all time in rock and roll.


John McLaughlin

This great guitarist is known for his rock and jazz music. Even though he had many roles in the music field, it was his guitar playing that excelled him and made him famous. He started playing the guitar as early as age 11 years, and he made a great discovery in the music industry with his guitar playing.


Robin Trower

This British guitarist became an idol in the 1970’s. He became well known for his unique tone and felt along with a touch of the blues. “Bridge of Sighs” was one of his famous albums, which is considered to be the best among his many albums.


Randy Bachman

This guitarist was a member of two highly famous Canadian bands by the names of BTO and Guess Who. He is not one of the most known guitarists, however, he has made remarkable contributions to the music industry and guitar playing. His talent for writing, as well as his guitar playing, is also second to none and has contributed with these in the success of the above named two bands.


Carlos Santana

This famous artist received his fame, not only for his voice but also for his lead guitar playing. His music consists of a blend of Latin, African, blues and rock rhythms along with percussion. He has produced top quality albums and also won a lot of awards in the music field. One of his records which should be listened too, which is in the bracket of top selling music, is the “Best of Santana.”


There remain to be other guitar players who serve as deserving idols or role models when it comes to playing the guitar. The important thing about such guitar players is that they make large contributions in influencing individuals to love and enjoy music through the guitar. They are role models to beginners and serve as inspiration as well as aspiring professional guitar players.


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