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How To Practice Guitar


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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro at playing the guitar, it is always important that you know how to practice guitar. Even if you know how to play the guitar quite well, you still might feel like you have yet to find a good way to practice. A way that will not make it feel like work, but a way that will be more comfortable and fills your needs.


The most important thing is to find the perfect spot than can become the place you can practice at each day. It should be a place that is pretty private and needs to be somewhere that is relative quite. Whenever you go to play, you do not need distractions like a bunch of people talking, a television blaring or music drowning out your guitar.


This should be a room that has ample space to place your guitar out in the open. You do not want to play where you have to take a time to take you it down from or out of. It should be visible at all times because of that way if you suddenly have the desire to play a few notes it is right there at your finger tips. Also if it is hidden, it is more likely that you will not pick it up and play as often;


If you are the type of person who has problems reading music, you can always teach yourself to play by ear. You can start doing this by starting off learning one or two measures of a song at a time. Practice these measures over and over until you feel you have mastered the timing. It is not advised to move onto a different part of the song until you feel comfortable with the previous part. Once you have gotten all the parts down you can then connect them together slowly.


Another good piece of advice is to make sure that you do not have really long fingernails, especially the ones on your left hand. Long nails can get in the way of playing as good as you can. You should also have handy a special lubricant that is used just for your strings. You should take this and a soft cloth or towel and wipe down your strings after each time you play. This not only gets rid of any sweat and dirt but it will also help preserve your string.


A good habit to get into is to try and make your practice times the same each day. You can start playing at different times of the day or night and then figure out which one or ones will suit you the best. Also you might want to consider recording your practices as well. As you progress you can take the recordings and compare them. This is a good way to pinpoint some of your weaknesses.


Once you feel comfortable with your playing you should consider asking a friend who plays or perhaps another student, to join in practicing and playing with you. This will give you an opportunity to not only learn from someone else but also will give you the opportunity to play lead guitar and accompaniment.


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