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How The Violin Can Be a Source of Inspiration in Your Life


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The word violin is derived from Medieval Latin vitula meaning stringed instrument. The first violin was developed by 500 years ago Andrea Amati in the 1500’s. Andrea was making a lighter version of the lyre when he came up with the violin. After the invention, he started the Cremonese School of Violin Making, and in the 1600s, Antonio Stradivari became a pupil. He was later to alter Amati’s original design to come up with a more enhanced sound and extend the range of the instrument. Other than the history, here are interesting facts that you should know about the violin.


It Helps Burn Approximately 170 Calories per Hour


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Studies have shown that playing the violin can help in weight loss. In fact, you burn up to 170 calories per hour when you are playing the violin. You, therefore, do not need to worry about missing the gym hours because you are spending too much time playing the violin. By going for violin lessons, you will be hitting two birds with one stone. You will become a professional at playing this instrument and you will lose some body weight. That is the best way of spending your time i.e. making beautiful music while maintaining your physical health.


It Provides Excellent Training for Brain Activity


violin lessons in nyc


Playing the violin requires a lot of coordination between the left hand and your brain. This results in the development of fast motor skills that lead to the fast processing speed of various tasks outside music. This improved speed results from heightened activity on the left side of the brain as it tries to coordinate with your left hand. Therefore, you can say that enrolling your kid in a violin school at an early age would help increase the rate of activity in his brain causing him to be sharp in other areas of life.


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