Beginning violinists often face a myriad of challenges. It is often difficult to focus on the correct form, execution and of course sound. Because of that, you may feel like it must take you a very long time before you can be able to play any piece of music.


What you must understand is that it takes some time for beginning violinists to play variety of music on violin. But before you are able to reach that stage, it is essential that you choose simple pieces for beginners that is fun to play and can encourage you to continue practicing for perfection. The violin easy songs provided below utilizes beginner skills including basic straight bowing and open strings techniques. Most of the easy songs are popular and therefore you won’t have to spend time learning new melodies and you are able to sound awesome.


Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven


This is a classic melody that is recognized widely and it is an easy song to play. The classic melody offers you a great way as a beginner violinist to be able to demonstrate the fingering and bowing skills that you have newly acquired. The popular melody starts quietly with cellos and basses playing the theme and that is repeated over and over with more instruments added and thus the melody becomes louder, thicker and of course more energetic. Here is the link to the score.



What Child Is This by Lindsey Stirling


If your desire is to practice legato playing and of course playing with two flats then definitely this is the best song for you. To be able to play or performthe highEb’s you should remember to employ the use of your fourth finger on the string A.



A Whole New World by Disney (Aladdin movie)


The quarter note triplet and syncopated rhythms can be a bit confusing in this song at first. For you to hear and familiarize yourself with how the rhythms are played,try playing along with the song recording. If it helps, you can even sing along while you are playing the song.




She Loves You by the Beatles


This fast song belongs under the Rock genre and because it is fast you may be tempted to right away play it fast. For the sections that are syncopated, you should first understand the rhythm by first counting and clapping the sections. You can clap the syncopated sections slowly and then progressively build on the speed through numerous repetitions.For the violin sheet music that is easy click here.


William Tell Overture by Rossini


This popular classic is stimulating and therefore listeners will love it with its toe-tapping and upbeat excitement. I must admit though that the song incorporates some bowing that is tricky and you will only sound incredible when you have mastered the ties and eighths. For the violin sheet music that is easy click here.


In conclusion it should be fun playing the violin and when you are a beginner it is important that you learn violin easy music that is easy and that appeal to you.Once you have practiced hard and learned a song that is new you can make audio or video recording and share with family and friends.