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Have Your Child’s Interest for Violin Get Going


Music has been described as both the mathematical and the most abstract kind of art. It was divided into the harmony of the universe, the harmony of body and soul, and the harmony of sounding tones. Because of this, music became a way of expressing a person’s idea, feelings, and emotions. Adults, youths and even kids know music well. Trust me its never too early to have your child start violin at the age of 4.


Today, kids at the age of four have shown interested in music and especially violin as compared to singing, trust me kids can do what adults can. Kids can now play the violin, kids can rap, and you can even see kids playing the piano.


The comparatively rapid evolution of music genres and musical instruments were often altered, improved, or even discarded. And in every generation, users of these musical instruments become younger and younger. The younger the one that plays the instrument, the better and more amazing it is. A kid playing the violin at the age of four is truly rewarding and amazing.


Violin practice through Suzuki-method has encouraged children to have respect for everyone, this because, in addition to inspiring a love of music, the Suzuki approach emphasizes on the development of the child’s character. Parents whose kids are involved in Suzuki program are enthusiastic about the advantages for their children and their whole families. Children also have positive remarks about their participation in Suzuki programs. In a survey conducted violin students presented their opinions on some aspects of their Suzuki study. Overall the kids considered it fun and challenging. They felt that the benefits of playing violin via the Suzuki method assisted them to learn discipline, goal setting and productive use of time.


Kids play the violin at an early age for some reasons. Sometimes it is because they were forced to or sometimes it is because they just love to play it. Like the professionals, they have learned it in a proper way- the dos and don’ts and the correct way on how to play the violin. Skills and gifts that some children have to make them more professional at their early age. When kids are playing this instrument, they look like they were just playing with their toys. They look amazing while playing the huge instrument with their small hands.


In some musical theaters, you can now see in the new generation that there are children who are already eager to participate in violin concerts and live performances. These musical theaters used to be played by professionals and skilled musicians who are adults. Meanwhile, participation from these young children is now often seen. Some kids play the violin; there are others who play the trumpet, even the trombone and the very famous saxophone, while others still love the piano, but the violin is most loved by kids though some kids show less interest in singing.


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