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Fun Facts About Flutes


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What is a woodwind instrument? The woodwind instruments are instruments that produce sound as a result of air flowing through them. Instruments that belong to this family include the oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, and flute. While all of the other instruments mentioned are classified as reed instruments because that is the way that the air flows through them, the flute is an instrument that makes its sound from air being blown across an opening. The openings are closed or kept open depending on the notes that the flute player would like to produce. The flute is easily one of the most difficult instruments to master, but it is also one of the most beautiful sounding instruments as it is often used to signify light and joy in music. Here are fun facts about flutes!


Fun Facts

There are many things that you should know about the flute before you start playing, not least the myriad of fun facts that surround the instrument itself.


1. A flute player is most commonly referred to as a flutist or a flutist. The less common version of that is a fluter, but that is an old English term that is seldom used anymore.


2. The flute family has got five types of flute that you can choose from regarding playing. There is the piccolo, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass flute. The piccolo generates the highest pitched sounds and the contrabass flute, the lowest pitched sound.


3. The most popular concert flute is pitched to play in the key of C as that is the universal key, and it has a range of about three octaves.


4. The flute is among the most common instruments throughout history. The earliest example of it was found in Germany (c.35, 000 BCE), but other cultures such as the Chinese and Japanese are famous for their flutes as well.


5. Throughout history, the flute has been made of several different types of materials including resin, brass, bone, wood and sliver. Silver is the most popular material that the flute is made from today.


6. Lots of famous people throughout history have taken up the flute as a hobby, one of the most famous being Leonardo Da Vinci who believed that the pursuit of music made man a smarter being.


fun facts about flute



Pitched Beauty of the Flute

The air that musician puts into the flute could also determine the different pitches. By varying the amount of air the musician blows into the flute, they can create various pitches without necessarily to worry about opening or closing the holes in the flute.


Changing how loud a flute can require a change in the size of the flute. More particularly, the flute may need to have bigger holes, a larger resonator and even or more air. It is possibly for these purposes that the flute has been used and changed so much throughout the history.


Today, there are just few kinds of flutes. Some flutes have keys; some are with keys, others are open-ended, while some are closed-ended and are known as fipple flutes. Some flutes make deeper, richer sounds and are usually larger flutes. Then, some flutes make lighter, higher sounds and are usually smaller flutes.


If you are interested in playing the flute, you should start right away. It is a beautiful and very rewarding instrument to learn, and you can enjoy many happy years with your flute.


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