FAQ by beginner guitarists focus on you, the beginning guitarist. I hope you find the information helpful. If you have questions not covered here, feel free to us.


How Regularly Should I Practice?

While it’s generally up to you to choose the most convenient training routine, you should note that practicing more often will shorten the overall learning duration. Whether you’re the fast- or slow-learning type, it’s not really important as long as you go for the right training frequency. Don’t worry if you don’t grasp concepts as quickly as the others since it’s been widely established that students of your caliber end up more skilled than their faster counterparts with a little more effort and patience.


Should I Practice Daily?

Daily training is the best. Nevertheless, it’s not always possible for everyone. If you can’t do it every day, choose the highest frequency possible depending your individual availability. Most importantly, deciding to practice the same time every day (like after dinner every evening) presents some added advantage as it helps cultivate a great sense of discipline and consistency. Additionally, taking your lessons regularly will help you becoming a fully skilled guitarist within a shorter duration.


How Fast Will Be Able to Play Different Songs?

Depending on your individual enthusiasm and aptitude, you’ll be capable of playing songs between two to five hours of meticulous practice. Note that the stipulated training session ought to be maximally used for serious practice – not exploring your handset or taking some time off to look at the television.


My Fingers Hurt – Should I Quit Regular Training?

If your deep sore grooves, you can take some break. Don’t lose interest though – it’s natural for things to feel rather challenging at first. However, your painful fingers will soon toughen up and you’ll be soon plucking the guitar without any further problems. Again, avoid hard pain-inflicting presses as you practice; expert plucking isn’t about how hard you press but the skillfulness with which you do it. Aim at striking the desired notes without much effort and you won’t experience any soreness.


My Hands Get Fatigued Fast – I Need a “Hand Strengthening” Device?

There’s really no need for such expensive time-wasting machines. Stop stressing out and practice with bare fingers. Your muscles will naturally get used to it within a short time.


My Fingers Have Grown Numb – Any Cause for Alarm?

It’s quite natural to feel numb on the fingertips. This is common, and very natural among most trainees. You should however see a doctor if it persists beyond a day.


Can I Use Extra Fingers for Different Chords?

Using more than the suggested fingers for playing different chords isn’t bad. Nonetheless, you’re advised to adhere to training basics and master the fundamentals before you introduce any personal creativity into the whole activity.


Should I Use a Pick?

Not a must. Nevertheless, it’s highly recommended that you begin with one as you explore the basic skills if you are playing the folk and electronic guitar. You can then opt for whatever feels personally appealing after you’ve learned the primary concepts. However, if you are interested in learning classical guitar, then you will not use a pick at all.


I Feel Bored Sometimes – Why?

Guitar lessons, just any other activity in life, may not feel interesting on some occasions. In such a case, you may listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite music movies. We often forget why we practice. We practice to make music that you love! Or if you are simply tired, just take a break until your interest returns. Despite these wholly understandable negative feelings on some occasions, it’s up to you to remain motivated since learning how to play the guitar is not everyone’s cup of tea. Or you may find more about guitar, such as why there is a hole in a acoustic guitar?


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