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Satoko M, 

Satoko Mori is originally from Tokyo, Japan. She has been active as a pianist / keyboardist as well as a choreographer and professional Dancer in and around New York area since 2008.

She started to play piano at age 3 and soon displayed special talent for the music. At age 7 she was accepted by Yamaha Music School in Chiba, Japan, She started training as a scholarship student.

Satoko has been winners in numerous competitions such as Ito Music Piano Competition in Japan, Yamaha Music Piano Competition and more. She studied at Toho University of Music, her major was Piano and flute. During a college time, she went Vienna, Austria to study Piano, then received a diploma.

She started teaching piano at Yamaha music school also Satoko Mori Music school at 2004, also she started teaching Vocal class at US Vocal School in Japan.

She has performed for one of the most famous entertainer in Japan, Ken Shimura’s concert since 2017 as his piano accompaniment.

She wants to share her passion for piano with other young musicians, her goal as a teacher is to give students the tools and opportunities they need in order to be successful in the music industry and inspiring their creativity, self – confidence. But mostly, shining in own way!

Satoko teaches Piano Lessons.