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Some Effective Tips Before You Start Playing Piano

Music is one of the best things in the world. If you have an endless love for music then you can learn one of its best musical instruments, piano. Learning piano is a great opportunity for anyone who loves music and wants to learn something. So, if you are thinking of making your kids learn some piano lessons, then we are here to teach them. Our music school offers various types of lessons to make sure that your kids learn it efficiently. But there are some healthy tips that every student need to follow before they start their piano lessons. Read on for more details.



With the comfortable fingering, you will be able to play music under your hands without any strange movement. It is best if you can play the piano with notes under the hand position. This will enable you to play music with different fingers. The position of your hand will move as you play the notes with your five fingers. Fingering will be shown to you on every piece to provide you with better assistance.

There is a number for each finger and his will guide you in the music and you will able to adjust the hand to comfortable hand position. The thumb is the number 1 and your pinky finger is number 5. You have to be careful about the thumb fingering as it will set a new hand position. So, correct fingering will allow you to be more comfortable and you will be able to apply more accuracy and speed while playing.


Sitting At Piano

While playing a piano maintaining a proper posture and positioning of the hand is very important. A poor or wrong posture or hand position can make it hard to be correct and also it may lead to varieties of side effects. These side effects can be sore joints as well as tendons and also can inability to move efficiently on the piano. So, first sit keep your back straight and the feet should be on the floor. The best way to sit is on a flat surface which is specially designed for a piano. Many chairs have some slight angle which can put a lot of strain over time as it will force you to reach to piano to play.


Positioning of Hands

You have to work on pressing the notes by moving the forearm forward. This will avoid the working of isolated muscles. These guidelines may appear to be unimportant to you but it will help you to be aware of the problems from before. Otherwise you can face a serious issue resulting from bad posture or incorrect hand movement.

It is very important to keep your hands parallel with the keyboard with your fingers slightly bend while pressing the keys of the piano with the finger tips. Do not press with the flat fingers. If you start to learn piano lessons at a young age, these important healthy tips will help you to avoid any kind of discomfort. So, before you start playing your first note on the piano make sure to remember all these tips.


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