Reverb is the short name for reverberation and it means persistence of sound after the sound has been produced. It usually happens when the sound is reflected creating a number of reflections. When the source of the sound stops producing the sound reverb still remains meaning that the remaining sound is not coming from the original source of the sound. It can be termed as echo but it is actually not an echo because echo means a distinct and separate delayed sound. The reverb sound takes longer to reach the listener than the original sound. It also loses energy where it is quitter than the original sound until it fades completely.


A good example of reverb is when an instrument is played in an enclosed room. The listener will hear the original sound and the fading reflections of the original sound. Another example is when a person is singing in a room with furniture or full of people. A person listening to such a person will hear the original sound and also the reverb effect from the furniture and people. But if the room is empty the reverb effect will be lower because there will be fewer barriers to reflect the produced sound. 


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When playing a guitar it is possible to produce the reverb effect digitally. The guitar will produce the original sound and other additional fading sounds which are the reverb effects. There are amplifiers which are designed to ensure the instrument being played produce the reflected sounds. Tuning such amplifiers will determine the strength of the reverb. But it is also possible to play a guitar in a certain way that it will produce the reverb effect. A good guitar player will know exactly what to do so that the reflected sounds can be produced. There are certain guitars that are designed in a manner that they can produce the reverb effect naturally. But there are others which will need to be connected to an amplifier so that they can produce the effect. FAQ by Beginning Guitarist

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To master the art of producing the reverb effect one need to practice properly. It will be relatively hard in the initial stages because there are specialized skills that are needs. But upon training properly one can be able to produce the reflected sounds effectively. One can also get into a music school to learn how to produce these effects properly. In the music school one will be trained on the necessary skills including how to hold the guitar properly. This is helpful because one will be taught by skilled and competent tutors. This makes it faster to learn and master how to produce the reverb effect from a guitar in an effective manner.


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Besides the conventional schools, one can also get online lessons and learn how to produce these reflected sounds. There are many online tutors who can provide the necessary lessons in an effective manner. These lessons come in form of written materials, audios and videos. The most important thing is to get a good and competent online music school. It will take time especially for a beginner who does not have prior experience in playing a guitar. But upon being tutored in the right manner and practicing regularly it becomes easier to produce reverb effect from a guitar. As a beginner or even a player with some experience, this should be the most important tip you learn from guitar lessons in New York City.