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Easy Songs to Learn on Guitar – 3 Great Songs


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For beginners who want to learn to play the guitar lessons in Brooklyn adeptly, simple guitar songs can help you learn to play the guitar easily. These songs can easily be downloaded from various music sites online and may even be given to you via the many tutorials that help beginners learn how to play the guitar effectively. The great thing about these songs is that they are mainly made out of simple chord combinations that aren’t really hard to memorize and locate on the guitar. If you already have the basic knowledge of reading and locating chords on the guitar, you will be able to appreciate the numerous music sheets available online. So here are easy guitar songs for beginners.


As Tears Go By by The Rolling Stones

The first easy guitar song for you to learn is As Tears Go By, by The Rolling Stones. This song only has a few verses and ultimately, only five chords, A, D, G, C and E minor. This is a classic song and one that is very easy to play as a beginner. You can listen to it at https://bit.ly/2klJz1B


Friend of the Devil, by The Grateful Dead

The next easy guitar song is Friend of the Devil, by The Grateful Dead. This song has been done a number of ways by many artists since it was first created, but the important thing to remember is that it is very basic in its construction. This song only has four chords in the instrumental chorus, D, C, G, and A Minor. Visit https://bit.ly/2IYjCmT to listen to the song.


Help! by the Beatles

Finally, the last song is by one of the most popular bands of all time, Friend of the Devil, by The Grateful Deadly five chords are used, D, G, C, A and F minor. This song is quite simplistic to play as a beginner. Listen to the song at https://bit.ly/2x9jdsN


There are a variety of other easy guitar songs to play as a beginner; these are just a few to get you started. They are easier to learn for beginners as you simply need to have basic knowledge of the chord chart and how to locate these various chords on your guitar. If you are familiar with the specific songs you choose, it will be easy for you to try executing these songs while using the basic chords given in the music sheet. You will find out that songs that employ basic chord combinations are easy enough to execute. Find as many songs as possible and then try practicing executing them on your guitar.


As you get more and more comfortable playing these easy songs, you might even realize that you don’t anymore need to rely on the music sheet. You gradually get to memorize the different chord sequences and easily play the specific song to its fullest.


These simple guitar songs are those that are usually played via popular radio stations and the many times when you get to gather around with friends around the campfire. These songs don’t really need any advanced knowledge of the guitar so as to play them beautifully. All you really need is to know the basics and an added knowledge of how the song is played will help you along the way. Playing it by ear can also be easily done with these simple guitar songs. If you already know the chord sequencing it employs, you may improvise while accompanying your playing with actual singing.


As you get more comfortable with the simple chords, you are more able to appreciate the song and the emotions required of it. You may even plan to learn the more difficult songs when you get to master the simple songs you’ve already mastered. Practice will always help. Therefore, all you really need to do is practice executing these simple songs and then go to more advanced stuff after mastering them.


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