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Do You Know That Singers Are Like Athletes?


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Do You Know That Singers Are Like Athletes? This may sound like advice for a professional athlete, but that is because singing is very much a highly athletic pursuit. So make sure you are training regularly and appropriately to develop your singing muscles. Get good rest and eat healthily. All of this will contribute to developing your singing muscles to be the best they can be. Your voice comes from a variety of muscles constantly contracting and expanding. It is easy for them to become fatigued quickly when you neglect your vocal training.


Good Posture

Have you ever seen a great vocal performance given by someone hunched over with an arched back? No. The reason is that you must have good posture to achieve peak performance singing. Good posture allows you to use your diaphragm properly to support your air supply. As a result, good posture adds a good deal of tone, depth and control to your voice as you sing. Every vocal coach worth their weight will likely be constantly reminding you to stand up straight. That’s because singing is an athletic endeavor and you need to have a good athletic stance to be at your best.


 Do You Know That Singers Are Like Athletes?


Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking

Some vices are bad for you in general, but they are particularly bad for singing. Things like alcohol, drugs, and smoking can all be very detrimental to your singing. They all impede your vocal cords from working properly, and long term can damage your vocal cords. So try to avoid these.


Eating and Drinking

Remember the old axiom about not swimming for an hour after eating? The same may be true for not singing for an hour after eating. Eating tends to slow us down. Also part of digestion is the production of more mucus in our mouths to aide in digestion. This mucus can impact how your vocal cords vibrate. Some people like to think warm tea helps their singing. The warm liquid may feel like its soothing your throat and possibly relax your neck muscles, but liquids do not typically reach the vocal cords so therefore have little or no direct impact on their performance.


 Do You Know That Singers Are Like Athletes?



Singers need to stay in balance just like athletes. They need to do things over and over again that they are capable of. We can all see the results when an athlete tries to do something outside of their abilities. The results are usually ugly unless luck intervenes. The same is true with singing. On a given night you may get lucky and sing a song in a key that is really out of your range. But for some reason the air that night is thinner or whatever you pull it off. The problem is just that you pulled it off, you don’t own it. So learn to sing within yourself. Find your athletic singing balance where you are relaxed and performing at your highest level. This is what will entertain people the most, not imitating other famous performances.


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