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Discover Ways to Having an Amazing Voice


Your voice is the most important tool for you if you are to make it in music. Through your Singing (Voice) you can move a crowd to tears or make fans all over the world. Sadly, many potential musicians give in at the beginner’s level lest they don’t have a good voice. Thankfully, anybody who can speak can sing as well. All you need is to know some basic tricks to keep your voice amazing, and then be self-discipline to live up to your pledge. If you are within the circle of those who are worried about their voice, below are tricks to keep your voice noteworthy.


Make singing your habit

If you really care about your good Singing (Voice), you need to sing and listen to yourself regularly. Besides, singing is fun, and it’s a way of relieving stress too. You need to know that simplicity is not easily achieved and that there are a lot of complexities involved. Therefore, make singing a part of your daily routine and you will find it easy over time.


Keep your vocal cords hydrated

Take cold (not extremely cold) water or warm tea; this enables you to get rid of excess mucus around the vocal cords which affect your voice. As well, when your vocal folds are lubricated, they vibrate easily and faster, therefore, improving the quality of your voice.


Sing in your voice

Trying to sing in another person’s voice is one of the reasons you may end up screaming instead of singing sound weird. You need to know that you can sing in different octaves and still maintain your key. You, therefore, don’t have to chew more than you can swallow by trying to achieve the highest pitch in music. However, you need to practice and know the key in which you are most comfortable and then perfect on it.


Avoid smoking

If you like singing and you smoke, please quit for the sake of your voice. Smoking causes throat cancer, and you can imagine singing if you have throat cancer. Moreover, smoking affects your vocal cords consequently making it difficult for you to sing well.


Use your voice sensibly

The way you talk affects the quality of your voice when you sing, and shouting can affect your Singing (Voice). You, therefore, should avoid shouting and preserve your voice for singing. As well, you need to keep your muscles relaxed whether you are singing high or low notes so that you can produce smooth and clear notes.


Do breathing exercises

Personally, I like doing body exercises while singing and this has helped me control my breath when I sing. Try my technique, and I’m sure it will work pretty well for you. It simple and you can do it right in your room. Jump for around 3 minutes and then sing while trying to maintain your normal breathing. Do it every day, and you will notice an improvement in your Singing (Voice).

If you have just started learning music and you are looking forward to having an amazing voice. It’s simple, observe the things discussed above,take care of your voice and you are ready to go.


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