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What To Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want To Practice Playing Violin


At the time a child starts to learn violin, the experience is often treated as a new adventure. After some few days, the child may be bored and becomes distracted by other things maybe even TV shows, playing with friends, and some other things that will not require so much concentration.


As a parent who needs his or her child to prosper with playing violin, you need to find out what to do when your child seems to be bored of practicing violin.


Here are ways to make the child develop the habit of practicing violin you should know;


Always have a schedule like even once a month to take him to see a violin soloist in concerts. This will seem enjoyable to the child, and in turn, the child will gain confidence and try to do as the soloist will be doing.


Try to send the child to the violin training camp for a short period. The child will find violin playing fun and enjoyable.


You can put your child in chamber violin training organizations to help him interact with other children of his age practicing to play the violin.


You can too negotiate with your child and let him or her start whatever lessons he or she may need only if he or she promises to practice violin every day.


You can get your child a simple digital recording device like a laptop and a mic. Then, he will have multi-tracking capability. Since the child will start to enjoy the violin, he can start to be recording all that he or she may be practicing. This will make the child enjoy the practice.


Always teach your child to have commitment. Developing a consistent schedule for practicing the violin teaches your child that once they begin something, they need to see it through even if it’s just for a given period of time.


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