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What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Practice Guitar 


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Coaxing a child into practicing the guitar can be a challenge at times. Unfortunately, for some families, practice times can be a battle that can result in frustrations for both parent and child… and can ultimately lead a child to eventually associate this frustration with playing the guitar. Such an association may cause a child never to come to understand the joy and pleasure of playing an instrument. There are many different strategies that work for encouraging your child to practice and for instilling quality practice habits.


ALWAYS give praise and encouragement for practicing

Every time that your child practices with a good attitude, make sure to praise them for making this choice. This helps them to associate their good attitude for practicing with receiving the reward of having your praise. They will come to realize what is expected from them and understand that if they meet your expectations that they will receive your praise and approval for their practicing. This also helps to improve their self-confidence in playing the guitar.


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Encourage them to include pieces that are fun

Playing the guitar should be enjoyable. One of the ways to encourage children to play is to make sure that they can play some pieces that they enjoy playing. Encourage them to choose a piece or two that they like to play as a warm up for each practice session. They can play these fun pieces before playing their assigned pieces. This will allow them to spend some time enjoying the guitar as well as warming up for the real practice time.


Help them to understand the benefits of learning the guitar

Many parents avoid talking to their children about the benefits of learning the guitar because they fear that their child will not understand. Children’s capacity for understanding should never be underestimated. They have incredible minds and an amazing ability to understand things that are explained to them at their level. Gaining an understanding of the future outcomes of learning to play the guitar can help children to understand what it is that they are doing the hard work for.


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Bring any concerns to your guitar teacher as soon as possible

Every guitar instructor appreciates open and honest communication from parents. Your music instructor does not have the advantage of seeing what your child is doing throughout the week and communicating these things to your instructor will help her/him to assist you in finding solutions to any concerns that you have. Don’t assume that the instructor knows that there is a problem or frustration with your child’s practice habits. Be sure to keep your instructor informed so that she/he can provide the help that you need. Your instructor will be happy to resolve any issues that you are having.


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