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How Can I Make Violin Practice Fun For My Child?


Unfortunately, not all children are entertained or interested in learning a new instrument. Once that obstacle is overcome, those who are interested may sometimes give up on practice once the initial novelty wears off.


It can be difficult to get kids to learn how to play the violin, when they would rather be watching TV or playing with their friends but it is possible to get your child immersed in the practice of learning how to play an instrument.


What is their favorite pop song? Every child has a favorite song that is in the charts or featured on their most loved TV show or movie. Getting your child to learn how to play their favorite tune will make any instrument enjoyable. Hearing Taylor Swift or Little Mix played from a violin is bound to excite any child.


Try out a reward system; if your child really has not come around to the idea of playing a new instrument then reward them in the same way you would for chores or homework. Rewards does not have to come in the form of gold stars only, it can be pocket money, or TV privileges. Trading 30 minutes of TV for 30 minutes of violin practice is the perfect motivation to get it done. Also, by the end of you may find that your child begins to enjoy music practice almost as much as any of their other hobbies.


As much as you may want your child to be the next violin musical genius, do not push them because as any parent would know, children do not respond well to that. All you are likely to get back is a tantrum or even more stubbornness. Instead, when you sense your child is reluctant to practice and there’s potential for a sulking session, just ease off until another day.


Children aren’t as successful in mood managing so it may just be that they need to cool off.
By simply taking it easy but also acknowledging the importance of practice, your child might turn out to be more enthusiastic about music practice than you realize.


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