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How Can I Make Piano Practice Fun For My Child?

They say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That rule would apply to all kids. But while most children enjoy playing games, a bit of piano practice does not also sound like a bad idea. The problem is that music practice can be a bit of a bore if it is not done properly enough. So, if you really want your child to learn a bit of the piano, you should make music lessons a lot of fun. Here is how you can do that.


Start With Simple Lessons

Like other hobbies, music is something that should be practiced little by little daily. How do you get your child to practice a piano without getting bored? You can start by giving your child basic music lessons. Instead of teaching a whole melody, why not focus only on teaching the first two bars of a song? In that way, you can make your child genuinely interested as he or she will be willing to learn some more music daily.


Give Cool Prizes

One way to make your child hooked to piano practice could be to give some cool prizes or freebies after the daily lessons. If your kid has just learnt to play a couple of bars perfectly, that could mean a chocolate bar or even a new toy. These freebies could make your child become enthusiastic about getting to practice the piano everyday. Make sure, however, that you give these gifts only when they get their practice lessons right.


Pair Practice With Games

Freebies and gifts can work but if you want your child to practice a bit more on a piano, nothing works better than a game to go along with it. You can devise some fun-filled game along with the practice session. In this way, your kid will be totally involved in both the practice and the game.


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