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Benefits of Having Your Child Learn Guitar


A Recent study has shown that many kids at the age of 4 years and up, are overwhelmed with match interest in guitar. Funny enough it is common observation how those kids around that age have passion in having their small guitar yet less interested in singing. Music is one of the best teachers and trainers for kids. From the pre-natal period, parents are encouraged to expose their babies to classical music to kick start the development of their right and left brain hemisphere, so your child at age of 4 or so is not too young for music lesson.


There is a deeper reason as to why music is an important tool to develop children aside from it sounds good. Music is an important tool, and it is a very potent teacher for children of all ages. So what makes guitar lessons and other forms of musical instruments relevant to young kids?


Guitar lessons are composed of various types of modules and have varying degrees starting from beginners to intermediate to advanced; parents should let their kids start from the start lest they want their kids to miss out on the basics of guitar lessons. Much like piano lessons, guitar lessons follow the same basics and the same rules this is to avoid confusion young kids who might eventually lead the children into losing their interest in music altogether.


And just like the piano, there are a lot of similarities like the proper way of playing the guitar, the proper way of holding down a fret, the proper way of maintaining the guitar as well as the right way of getting the tune right.


Here are several benefits you and your child stand to gain from when you get your child into guitar lessons:


1. According to a recent University study, brain waves get activated and start reacting when music is playing and that sight-reading musical scores. When music is being played, both the right and the left side of the brain starts getting worked up. Further scans using brain imaging has also shown significant movement on all four parts of the brain’s cortex lobes while listening to music or even being exposed to it. This means, kids’ mental capacity and movement also gets worked out during prolonged exposure to music.


2. And since music activates all parts of the brain, music, particularly guitar music or guitar playing can be good in getting your child’s grades up.


3. If you have a very shy child, music can bring them out of their shells and start making them better individuals even helping them cope and socialize with kids their age.


4. Studying guitar or any other musical instrument can help in reinforcing the value of discipline and diligence. As music requires a certain number of hours for training and learning, your child will most definitely learn how to discipline themselves and manage their time wisely. Diligence is also required in music since it requires trying things over and over again until you get the right to the right chord. It also requires long hours of practice which helps strengthen diligence.


5. Music also helps pad kids in learning other lessons. According to another study, there are lots of kids who learn other topics thanks to the power of music.


These are only several key benefits that await parents and kids when they start to enjoy the world of music. It is about time to start taking your kids into music and lead them to a fun-filled and enjoyable world. The good thing most children have much interested in guitar though some show less interest in singing.


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