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Beginners Guitar Tips to Become a Pro


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The guitar is a portable, inexpensive instrument. Nowadays, people especially many of the teenagers want to be a professional guitarist. But to be a great guitarist learning to play guitar is not enough, it’s about breathing, eating and sleeping guitar. The beginners have to follow some tips to be a professional.


Practice until your fingers bleed:


Bleeding fingers don’t sound good; it is a term for the guitarists to make them understand that practice is the main thing to become a pro. There are stories of guitarists with marathon practice sessions, but the daily 30 minutes consistent practice is more efficient. Remember to practice daily; practice 12 hours just once in a week is not going to cut it. Finger memory is very important in guitar playing. There should be a connection between your brain and finger and practice only can develop it.


Track your progress:


It is essential to maintain a log or diary to follow your improvement through daily practice. It will help you to continue the steady progress and to focus on future practice. You can locate how fruitful your practice sessions are.




You don’t have to hold the guitar in your hand all the time. You can use your spare time waiting in a line, zoning out in class to go inside your mind and execute the song you are working on. Virtually see, hear and feel your finger playing the part. Do whenever you get free time, and the experience of the real guitar will enrich. The added benefit of this that when you connect the image to the real, you can easily translate what you hear through your finger.


Learn new things every day:


The best way to enrich your guitar playing is to learn a guitar-related thing every day. It can be a chord, riff, song, melody, scale anything that you didn’t know before. Just learn it and try to play it on your own. Having a new guitar knowledge daily basis help to feed your musical instincts and you can perform effortlessly on the guitar.


Record yourself:


Your guitar can motivate you. When you are playing a song or melody or something, record it on your own. Thus you can hear yourself and can point out your strength and weakness that will help you to play more efficiently. Record a rhythm that you are playing and then record the other parts like melodies, leads or alternate rhythms and you will know about ensemble performance.


Take lessons:


Learn as much as you can about guitar related course. Take training from a guitar teacher who can lead you in the right way where you can quickly achieve your goal to be a professional guitarist. An instructor can easily find out your errors and guide you to improve your skills. You might have heard stories of a self-taught guitarist; even they took training from someone more proficient than them.


Play with emotion:


Music is a way to communicate or express your feelings. Feel the music in your blood and let others feel it too. You can be a better guitarist when you move your audience with your music.



In conclusion, it’s true, wrong technique causes fatigue, but so does having a flawless technique and playing many hours without stopping. So, do remember to rest. Playing 10 hours per day won’t make you a great guitarist when your muscles and tendons can’t handle it. Sometimes you may only need to rest 15 minutes every hour so they can recover, sometimes you may need to rest a couple of days or even weeks – don’t be afraid to do that. It won’t slow down your progress, but injuries will slow it down for sure. Listen to your body, if it tells you “I can’t” – give it some rest. If it feels okay, go on and practice. And remember that just like your muscles and tendons, your brain needs rest as well, especially when you’re filling it with concepts and ideas that you have never played before.


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