1. Can you find Norway on this Map?
willan academy of music
2. What is the name of the large musical group that performs symphonies?



3. What is the name of the person who directs an orchestra?



4. Can you name these three instruments that are played in an Orchestra?


Violin - willan academy of music


Trumpet - willan academy of music


Drum - willan academy of music



Thanks for listening along with us! Now you know the story of Edvard Grieg and the fairy tale that inspired his song In the Hall of the Mountain King. We hope you had fun listening and learning with us. Another Listening Session is coming up in April so stay tuned. Until then, enjoy playing music and pretending to be Peer Gynt hiding and running from the mountain king!


Andrew Shillito (Guitar faculty) & Kenji Haba (Founder)


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