When an exam is around the corner, it becomes a period that you spend every second, say on a biology book. Studying late into the night, because you want to give it the best you can come the exam time. During this period, you should think of something that can ease your nerves for better concentration. Playing music in the background is one cool way to strengthen your focus on the detailed and long Biology course.




Probably you have heard from your family members, and most likely from your parents that music enhances reading. Also, you must have heard from college professors. The theory indeed holds. Playing soft tunes gives the mind a state that it feels at ease and sharp, and many more positive effects on the brain. Find out the magic of studying while listening to music.




Students’ stress usually heightens much on the mid of the semester because it is a time to get busy on loaded course work. During this period, it becomes a perfect time to go through your classwork with your music on—it will reduce your Stress. Music will play an essential role in reducing Stress and therefore preparing the brain to receive what you want to feed it with. Also, Music works for both healthy and non-healthy individuals in lowering Stress. It reduces health problems like heart rate, anxiety, and low blood pressure due to its soothing nature. As per the research that was done by UMD, a medical center.



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Lower test tension

Just like a massage, listening to music will bring a sigh of relief. When you have to read several pages of notes whether, in the laptop or textbook, Stress starts to build up because of the tension that the mind registers. Taken back to college days, with someone to massage you, you will read your notes better, because of reduced anxiety and lowered tension that comes from massage. But, because, as a student, you are likely to miss someone to massage you, the good news is that music is a solution second to massage. A study done in the USA showed that favorite tunes of music are indeed a solution in reducing anxiety and therefore re-energizing a student to press on and concur more on studying. This is a good leaf to be borrowed by anxiety stricken student to have earphones on in their study environment.

Boost your performance

Music has not only helped the students to perform from low to extremely high grades but has also helped those who participate in high-pressure events. Notably, are the basketball players who used to perform poorly, but on knowledge of listening to music as a means to cut on anxiety and tension before a game; they later performed exemplary better. It is becoming a slogan today in the USA that excellent performance in high-pressure situations is directly proportional to having listened to music shortly before the event. Therefore, it is a good message that you should listen to catchy and upbeat music in your high-pressure difficulties!

Can cure pain!

Music is so powerful that it can divert your attention of pain to something worth your attention, as per the USA. Music is therapy. Say you have a knee pain before a game, listen to your favorite music; it’s so amazing that you will feel relieved, and unstoppable for the match. So every time you try to study but can’t get over your pain, tune to music, you will be at ease and ready to study. Music is medicine!


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Makes you focus more

Music helps the mind to sought out several events. The focus comes when the brain pays attention to a particular thing, music being the stimulus. So as per the researchers of 1800s, music is a crucial factor that engages the brain in predictions and updating of events in memory. While this study was focused on how events are sorted in the memory, the research further revealed that the musical instruments that were used 200 years ago helped the memory in keeping the order of the information that comes in. When it comes to studies, music boost the students to put information logically.


Music, Memory, and Emotions

Music, memory, and emotion are related. A researcher by the name Petr Janata conducted two studies to prove this. In his first study, he found out that music triggers retrieving memory, and therefore, there was a relationship between music and memory. The second part of his research was to show whether there was a relationship between memory and emotions. He took a magnetic resonance imaging of the brains of students as he played the familiar music heard from their childhood. He then conducted a questionnaire about the tune, soothing nature of the song, and whether the song was heard before. Surely, his second part of the study showed that memory and emotions related. So in general music, memory and emotions had one thing in common. Thus what Petr Janata did, strongly affirm that studying and listening to background music is an excellent course.

Conclude your study period with catchy music

After studying, your mind will keep wandering on all that you have done. You went to bed, but after a shorter while, you can’t get sleep, and by now, you long-closed your books. Well, since we have found out that music, memory, and emotions have a share in common, all you have to do at this point is to reward yourself with a catchy tune. It will relieve you of worries of trying to recall what you studied, set you at ease, and soon you will be asleep. Good to note is, you will wake up in the morning with all you studied in your fingertips.


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As you struggle to make the best out of the university, find this helpful to you. Our students from the University of Florida should have a reason to smile as a solution has come their way, which most of the people did not get during their days. More of our guides are in our blog posts, and as the semester comes to an end, be close to “our ten tips on how to get ready for semester exams.” Music is the key, have yourself the best of earphones!