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Why more adults are taking piano lessons in NYC


Taking piano lessons for the adult is almost a rite of passage for kids (so is quitting). But, kids are not the only ones studying to tackle the ivories-more, and more adults are attempting instruction on how to play this instrument. There are many reasons why grown-ups decide to pursue this later in life and, like with children, there are special benefits for adults who take piano tutorials and it’s never late to start.


Studies show that playing this instrument improves concentration and focus. While that is great for kids and their school grades, it is also beneficial to ageing adults socially and expertise. It’s like a musical version of those famous “brain games.” Taking piano lessons gives the brain a work-out-stimulates it so that you can imagine clearly.


It is also an excellent idea to relax after a long day of brokering deals, chauffeuring the kids or making dozens of cold calls. Piano classes offer adults an outlet for their stress and disappointment of everyday activities. Whether you are any good or not, beating on the keys is a great release. What is the old saying? “Music soothes the raging beast.” But, if you can show some talent, then producing music is a very satisfying and soothing pay for your hard day’s work.


Most kids end up quitting because it was a choice their parent’s made and not a thing they wanted to do in the first place. Perhaps you regret that now and wish you had continued. Don’t worry, because it is never too late to learn. Whatever your motivation, you can be sure that instrumental lessons will be worth it. Just make sure to have the right teacher who knows how to relate to adults.


Many techniques are tailored to adults especially in NYC. While there are many self-teaching methods, nothing takes the place of a living breathing person. No, you probably don’t need the same motivational tactics and drive children to need, but having someone there to offer you feedback and advice is priceless.


No matter how proficient you are interested in becoming, taking instrumental music lessons can improve your mental acuity and also enrich your life as a whole. You can become the life of the party by cranking out few Elton John or, at the at least; you can play “Chopsticks” with your kids on a drizzly day.


You may as well notice that you can concentrate better at work and think clearer when helping the children with their homework. Seriously consider investing in an instrument and learning to play. The opportunity did not pass you by once you turned 18 so take advantages and enrich your life with music.


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