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7 Good Habits Violinists needs for Success


The violin is an ever fantastic instrument for most musicians and beginner violinist. However, it can also be a huge challenge for to pick up from the start without developing self-driven habits. A smoother road can be created, though. There are many ways to avoid having difficulties in learning the instrument, but it involves active dedication on the practice part. Below are some suggestions and good habits every violinist needs for success.


1. Have Fun

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It would be the ideal world whereby everyone becomes a masterful musician on any instrument that they prefer. However, the reality is that it can only be a result of a combination of factors including talent, hard work, discipline, and luck. It would be much more enjoyable if one concentrates on having fun while learning the violin instead of trying to be the next famous violinist.


2. Regular Practice

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It cannot be said enough how important it is to work hard to achieve your goals. This applies equally to music. Do not skip any violin practice sessions and always focus on the end in mind if routinely becomes boring.


3. Good Posture and Technique

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Many violinists do not pay enough attention to posture and technique. Some even develop bad habits from the start, which are difficult to correct later on in life. Do not fall into this trap and always spend the time to perfect how to hold the violin, the bow and other techniques like proper chin rest posture.


4. Take Your Time

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Try to avoid looking for shortcuts in achieving results or breakthroughs. There is no quick way to being a master of the instrument. Other schools of thought that promote things like placing markers on the violin neck to memorize where to press the strings will lead you to develop a crutch regarding learning. The fruits of success will be sweeter if you do things the right way.


5. Maintenance and Care

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Proper maintenance and care of your violin and accessories are equally important. They can help to make learning easier and smoother. A poorly maintained violin might also lead to bad techniques developing.


6. Be Positive

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When the progress gets tough, the tough get going. The same applies to becoming proficient in any instrument. Always retain your self-belief and be positive about the results you will eventually get after hours of practice and determination. The violin can be tough to learn, but once you have done, so the rewards are beautiful.


7. Practice Slowly

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This is most complicated for a new violinist who is eager to finish that first song. But the tone, intonation (pitch), rhythmic precision, and control (breath or bow) are developed during slow practice sessions. If it is not correct slow, it will not enhance with speed!


Having a perfect journey throughout life is rare. Certainly, one cannot expect to be able to master the violin in a few short months. The tips above should help violinists and violin student to keep things in perspective and minds focused. It is hoped that eventually, every learner will be able to attain skill levels that they are happy with.


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