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7 Good Habits Every Guitarist needs for Success


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As a guitarist, you will face many challenges and difficulties. Good practice habits will help you to face these challenges and make the progress you wish for. Poor practice habits, on the other hand, lead to frustration and disenchantment, and ultimately you are likely to get discouraged practicing guitar.

Good practice habits are easy to apply. Here are four habits that will ensure you get the most out of your guitar practice and avoid the pitfalls of boredom, frustration or injury.


1. Change the strings regularly

There is nothing more important aspect of playing a musical instrument than maintaining it properly. Guitar strings wear out with constant use and even faster become coated in grease and dead skin. So it is necessary that you wipe the strings after playing and also change the strings as often as needed.


2. Little and often

Practice guitar often to build your skills quickly. Aim to practice every day, even if you have just a few minutes, pick up your guitar and practice something.

You will often find that you reach the end of your 15 minutes with plenty of questions or ideas. If you stop, these questions and ideas will feed your motivation to return and practice again as soon as you can. On the other hand, if you plug on for ages you might finish your practice session wishing you never have to do another.


3. Practice effectively

If you don’t have regular practice schedule, then you should develop one! Your guitar practice should comprise different techniques, slow playing, fast playing, or rhythmic playing and more. Don’t just go playing what you enjoy playing during solo practice sessions, but alternatively remember to devote some time to the stuff you find difficult.


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4. Focus on one thing

The focus is an important factor in the success of your guitar learning. If you try to learn everything you will quickly become frustrated and overwhelmed.

Focus on only one style of guitar playing to learn at a time. You are very likely interested in many kinds of music that require different skills and knowledge. This is great, but if you try to learn them all at the same time you will be easily overwhelmed by the work required.


5. Have a routine

To have regular, short, focused practice sessions you need to know what to work on in advance. If you come to your guitar practice sessions with only a vague idea of what to work on you will waste time figuring it out.

Set aside a regular time to plan out your practice in advance. Identify the skills and knowledge you want to acquire and set practice activities for them. You can plan as far or as little ahead as you want. At a minimum, it’s a good idea to map out at least one week’s practice.


6. Keep an open mind and ear

Only because your favorite guitarist uses a Marshall stack or a Mesa Boogie combo, and just plays a Fender Stratocaster or say a Gibson Les Paul does not mean that you have to do what he does. All of the prominent player’s sounds are always unique and exclusive, and it goes beyond just the equipment used. Think of the diverse sounds produced by for example Jimi Hendrix or Hank Marvin and even Eric Clapton – they are all Strat players but all sound different from each other.


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7. Fun

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking only of your shortcomings and the things you want to play “one day,” when you are a better guitarist.

If you don’t keep in touch with the fun of playing guitar, though, learning can become a drag. The best way to have fun is to make the most of the skills and knowledge you have today. Simply play your favorite songs or find other musicians to play and learn with. Don’t worry about your mistakes, and don’t wait until you are a perfect guitarist before you play.


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