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6 Practical Ways That You Can Devise A Guitar Practice Schedule That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle


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More and more student guitarists are putting down their instruments every day, and the main reason is that of time. Most of them maintain that they just don’t have sufficient time to get down to guitar practice.

It’s normal that you have a job, education, family, and friends to care for, but how is it that everybody else seems to handle the guitar with ease?


Here’s a list of 6 practical ways that you can devise a guitar practice schedule that fits your busy lifestyle.


1. Each guitar practice should be around 20 minutes.

20 minutes is just the minimum time that you can anticipate to get anything done if you’re held for a time. Ideally, you want to shoot for about 45 minutes so that you may work in the quick stretches, some scales, and yet, have adequate time to cover all the stuff you need.


2. Use guitar practice as a prize for a long day at work.

When you chose to start playing the guitar, I’m sure you didn’t imagine it as another difficult task that you could relate to working. Playing the guitar should always be fun and thought of as a reward.

After coming home from a long day of tiresome work, change your guitar practice schedule and then pick up your instrument for like 20 minutes to clear some stress.


3. Know what you’ve practiced before.

Fiddling around with a guitar that you’ve already covered is great to solidify it in your memory, but at few point, you have to move on. If you spend your practices covering the same thing over and over, you’ll develop on those bits, but think about your long-term objectives, so you’re not shorting yourself.


4. Plan your next guitar practice before you have it.

Make an event of your guitar practice schedule and understand the material that you wish to cover. Put down on paper or then make a mental note so you’re not getting sidetracked and you have a knowledge of business when you get to sit down with your guitar.


5. Play while watching television.

There are about just as many commercials on TV as there are real programs, and that’s important time you would be taking on your guitar. Even if you have an electric and you don’t want to plug it in, just put it across your lap and do few scales or picking activities while you’re taking in those advertisements.


6. Write in a scheduler.

Most everybody either has a planner written on paper or a scheduler on their handsets that they use to hold all of their arrangements. Take advantage of this convenient thing and begin a guitar practice schedule, so you apprehend when you have time to sit down and jam.


There are always going to be a million reasons not to pick up the guitar and play, but you have just to suck it up and make it work. You can’t learn the guitar correctly unless you practice… a lot.



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