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5 Ways to Sneak Piano Practice into Your Busy Schedule


Day to day activities such as schooling, working and other events may make you exhausted and occupied to have time to seat for your piano practice. Nevertheless, there is always other ways in which you can still sneak dome of your piano practice.

If you are a focused student, you can still reach your target despite your busy schedules. Below are 5 ways to sneak piano practice into your busy schedule


Divide your practice lesson into small sessions

Piano practice is much fun while is split into shorter sessions over a given period. In so doing, your brain has time to prepare what you have acquired in between your piano concourses.

The reason for shorter practice sessions is to set smaller attainable objectives. Pick one thing on your practice task and only practice that one thing. You may also focus on just one part of a piece, rather than the entire piece.


Utilize the travel time

The time you spend seated while commuting can be turned into ideal for enhancing your piano skills. For instance, flash cards are great for strengthening note-reading and other musical phrases and figures.

You can have a lot of free, printable flash cards at Pianimation. Added fabulous option for the car or train is a still keyboard. It’s very useful for practicing scales or other easy songs and activities.


Play on apps at your comfort

where you have been too busy on your schedules and exhausted to seat at the piano, you can have fun with various piano apps where you can still play.

With your iPad, you install and play Piano Maestro from JoyTunes, that you can utilize together with your piano or the keyboard. The apps have an extensive library of songs for all playing levels and various genres.

For every song, the sheet music scrolls over the screen as the app plays accompaniment music. You play the notes while they pass by, either using the keyboard given on the screen of your iPad or your piano.


Audio learning (listening)

Whenever you are free, you can use listening skills for practicing piano. The more the quality piano tune you listen to, the more you learn regarding the greatness of piano playing.

For example, you can learn a lot on tone quality, the vibrant range of the piano, or what vast rhythmic accuracy is, all while listening.

Attempt to get high-quality recordings of the items you’re learning. If you can’t find recorded audios of your items, ask your piano instructor to make some fast records for you.

Also browsing over YouTube to hear more seasoned pieces can be a great way to get a better understanding of great piano playing and get motivated to practice more and more at the same moment.


Imagination practice (in your mind)

at your free time practicing is very early in the daybreak or too late at night to be creating noise at the piano, you can do mental practice.

For mental practice, you watch at your music and visualize or internalized in your memory the arm and finger gestures for playing it. This might be difficult at initially, but you’ll get better as you practice it.

Now that you have understood those tips you can plan for the coming week to get in those smaller practice sessions and other techniques that can fit in your schedule.


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