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5 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Be More Successful At Singing


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As a singer, you probably admire the vocal artists that seem to have everything under control. These artists seem to control their sound effortlessly i.e. without any strain or discomfort. You probably want to know what their secrets are and how you can use those secrets to improve your singing skills and become a better singer. Here are 5 things you can start doing today to be more successful at singing.


1. Believe That You Can

The very first thing you need is to believe in yourself and your capabilities. To sing in your best voice, you need to be confident about it. A confident singer has a sound that is richer and better projected than one who doubts his voice.


2. Conduct Serious Warm Ups

Warm up properly and be serious about it. All singers do it, even the professional ones, because it prepares your muscles for a bit of strain. Set up a warm up routine, especially if you intend to perform for a long time.


5 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Be More Successful At Singing


3. Larynx Manipulation Helps

This trick transforms the way your vocal sound passes through your throat. Moreover, it increases your vocal range. Remember, the larynx is the voice box. So, how do you lower it? You should use the yawn technique. Creating a yawning space will carry oxygen to your lungs, it will drop your diaphragm, and it will relax your larynx.


4. Breathing with an Open Throat

Most singers do not realize that breathing is a subset of singing. You must actively think about it and foster it in order to master your control over it. Most singers tend to inhale the same way they do while they are talking or walking i.e. through their nose without using the full capacity of their lungs. This will hinder you from using all your vocal tools to the best of your ability. Always focus on your breathing during your warm-ups and to maximize inhalation, you need to open your mouth in an “awh” shape while opening your throat in a yawn-like fashion.


5 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Be More Successful At Singing


5. Diaphragm Engagement

Using the diaphragm is another overlooked aspect of singing. The diaphragm plays a vital role in breathing because it inflates the lungs. Strengthening your diaphragm enhances your vocal output.


Singing can be easy but you need to practice and you need to do it in the right way. You are bound to become a better singer if you use the tips above, and will be on your way to achieving your ideal sound.


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