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Have you purchased your new Acoustic guitar, and you want to know how to keep it in the best condition. If you followed the steps when buying your first guitar, it should not give you any problems unless you don’t know how to maintain your instrument. A poorly maintained guitar both sounds bad and looks bad. The instrument, therefore, needs to be your best friend. I will admit nothing hurts me like noticing a scratch on my guitar. I, therefore, make sure that my instrument is in the right place at the right time. I, therefore, have prepared you the tips below to help you keep your acoustic in good condition.


Have a case for your guitar

My first guitar was full of scratches. Not that I didn’t try to maintain it, but I realized that a guitar case is a basic need if you want your instrument to appear new even at its 10th birthday. The case would protect your guitar when you lean it against the wall or when it accidentally comes into contact with a rough material.


Replace the strings

You need to know that some guitars have stayed in the store for quite long and some strings have begun to rust. Moreover, strings purchased with a guitar seldom sound good. You, therefore, need to buy a set of new strings for your instrument.
Clean your guitar regularly

When cleaning your Acoustic guitar, you should use a soft cloth to wipe off the dust on your instrument. The rug can either be dry or damp but not too moist to wet your guitar.

To condition the fingerboard of your guitar you need to clean it regularly. You can apply oil on the fretboard then wipe it using a soft cloth. A clean fingerboard does not only make your instrument to look neat but also keeps your strings in good a condition.


Tuning pegs are fragile

The tuning pegs are delicate, and you can find yourself replacing them from time to time if you don’t take caution. You, therefore, should not exert excess force when tuning your guitar since this weakens the tunings pegs and you could cut a string as well. You also need to regularly tighten the nuts on the heads of the tuning pegs to keep them tighter


Place your guitar responsibly

Finally, ensure your guitar is put in the right place. You can choose to purchase a guitar stand or make sure your instrument is close to you always. Remember, your guitar is your best friend. I know this sounds weird but my guitar is mostly on my bed, and it’s always safe there.


By following the steps above, your guitar will look new, and it will not lose value in case you decide to sell it in future. As well your guitar will sound good, and you will be proud of it.


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