Did you know music offers several health benefits? You can reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and improve exercise and brain activity just by listening or playing music. For a child or an adult, these benefits can be life-changing. It comes as a perk for music lovers who want to undertake piano lessons in Brooklyn.

Piano lessons are unique and enjoyable. They are neither hard nor easy as your learning progress depends on the commitment you put into it. You would need a good music school, a tutor, patience, and support. For children, piano lessons can impact their childhood wonderfully. It allows their minds to explore music and even create it.

Learning any musical instrument may seem tough for a beginner. Even when you develop your skills more, there are times you might feel restricted. To help you avoid any obstacles and get the best from piano lessons in Brooklyn, New York, here are 5 important tips to use.



1. Invest in a good instrument

The instrument is the most significant part of your piano lessons because regardless of your knowledge and skill, you cannot force the instrument to go beyond its capabilities. A good choice would be an electric keyboard. Most piano lesson teachers require this as a great start for beginners. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but ensure it has all 88 keys. A weighted keyboard is also essential because it helps you to get a good grip and feel of the keys as you play.

You don’t have to purchase a piano that requires tuning. This makes the learning process smoother but if you go for such an instrument, you would have to take it to a professional annually for proper tuning. Other features like size, design, or color are up to you to decide. Choose an instrument that is both efficient and convenient. Music also involves bonding. Bear in mind that you can become attached to your instrument which is a good thing.


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2. Set goals and keep a lesson journal

Setting goals are important for piano lessons in Brooklyn. Identify and state your reason for learning to yourself and your teacher. Your goals could be to pursue music as a career, to hone your skills for public performances with groups, or to explore music and play for fun.

These are all relevant reasons to go for piano lessons in Brooklyn New York. Stating them helps your teacher and yourself to work towards these goals. The teaching strategy may differ, so being aware helps your teacher make the necessary adjustments to your lessons. They will also be able to decide the achievable time frame for your goals.

A lesson journal is a record or daily report of every lesson you have had. It is where you put down essential details during the lesson and points to go over afterwards. The significance of keeping a lesson journal is to help you review the lessons outside of the classroom. It ensures you do not deviate from what the teachers have taught you as you practice. Here are 7 good habits every pianist needs for success.

3. Go for accuracy, not speed

Learning accurately is the secret to learning piano lessons in Brooklyn New York. Focus on hitting the right keys as you practice and getting the music to flow. Speed always comes with expertise. To make this more effective try to practice harder lessons often. If a song or a lesson involves striking the keys fast, slow down and play it with less dexterity. For example, switch learning at 500bpm to learning at 50bpm. From 50bpm, improve to 60bpm and keep going up in stages like this.


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4. Practice

The importance of practice cannot be understated. You can hardly expect to go far with piano lessons without practice. After taking a class, you must dedicate some time to practicing alone without a tutor. If your child is the student, then as a parent you should help him/her practice by offering encouragement and a suitable location. Choose a place with good lighting, no distractions and a good bench. You can enlist siblings or friends as an audience, or do without them altogether. The aim of practicing is for the learner to focus and make decisive progress. Use self-criticism to know what areas you excel at and those that need work. If there’s any confusion, note it in the journal to ask your teacher in a class. Here are 8 practice tips for young pianist.


5. Imitate and Innovate

To grow as a piano player, you must imitate and innovate. Start by learning to play a song you like and then find ways to improve it. Infuse your own creativity in changing the song entirely during practice. Doing this helps learners know who they are in music. It is the true beginning of exploring your connection to music. You shouldn’t be a rigid player who just learns already existing songs during classes. Learn to take bold steps and create your own. This is especially vital for learners with a career goal in music. It increases your uniqueness and expertise.


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You need a professional

Right next to getting the right instrument, a professional teacher is a necessity. You can only get a good teacher for piano lessons in Brooklyn New York at Willan Academy of Music. We take your goals and passion for learning to heart. Your tutors will work closely with you to hone your skills to perfection. Get maximum value for your time and money with us. We offer both children and adult classes.