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3 Ways to Make Guitar Practice Fun Again


Have you been feeling bored and you feel like your guitar practice have lost the fun it used to have? Do you mind your guitar practice habit? As you learn to play guitar, you may face many challenges and obstacles. Good practice habits will help you to face these challenges and make the progress you wish for. Poor practice habits, on the other hand, lead to frustration and ultimately you are likely to give up learning to play guitar.


Good practice habits are simple to apply; even a beginner can master them without expert guitar instruction. Here are four habits that will ensure your guitar practice become fun again and avoid the pitfalls of boredom, frustration or injury.


Practice little and often

Practice guitar often to build your skills fast. Aim to practice daily, even if you have only a few minutes, take your guitar and practice something.

If you have more time to practice every day, it is always advisable to break it up into various short sessions. You can maintain desirable concentration for a 15 to 20-minute practice than an hour or more.

You will usually find that you get to the end of your 15 minutes with plenty of questions or tricks. If you stop, these questions and tricks will feed your motivation to repeat and practice again as soon as you can. Otherwise, if you plug on for long, you might finish your practice session wishing you never have to do it again.


Just focus on one thing

The focus is a major factor in the success of your guitar learning. If you try to learn all you will quickly become frustrated and confused.

Focus on only one technique of guitar playing to learn at a time. You are likely interested in many kinds of music that need different skills and knowledge. This is good, but if you try to learn them all simultaneously, you will be simply overwhelmed by the work required.

Focus on only one perspective of playing or one predicament at a time when you practice too. For instance, you work on a single chord change that you are having difficulty with. Make each problem as simple as possible to resolve by removing unnecessary stuff about it. In our case, forget about strumming while you work on that troublesome chord change, just focus on your fretting hand. You will solve your problems quicker and more efficiently.


Make it fun fun

The best way to have fun while practicing guitar is to make the most of the skills and knowledge you hold today. Simply play your favorite songs or get other musicians to play and master with. Don’t worry about your errors, and don’t wait until you are an excellent guitarist before you play.


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