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3 Tips to Motivate your Child to Practice Violin



1. Motivate your child to grow with the violin and practice more often.

You can achieve this through turning your home into a musical home, allowing your kid to play music from different periods and violin genres such as rock-n-roll and jazz violin. You can also take your child to live events and concerts where they can even meet professional violinist for motivation. The child should also be encouraged to join music contests and competitions, and even give them posters related to violin, for their rooms. While at home, encourage them to read violin books and orchestra. The modern technology has also contributed to boosting your child’s skills with the help of mobile apps and computer games that focus on your child’s music theory skills.



2. Essential tips to consider during your child’s practice sessions

Since you are with your child during most of their practice sessions, you are likely to learn violin as they learn. This can be helpful as you will provide some level of support and feedback regarding their performance and form. It is also important that you teach your kid the right posture and form to hold the bow and violin to prevent the risk of developing joint, shoulder or even back complications later on in their life. Bad posture can also limit your child’s capabilities in improving their skills.


As a parent, you should encourage your child to focus on their playing position and music related goals, rather than restricting them to practice for a set period of time. On the contrary, you should encourage them to play a particular piece for a couple of times until they can play it without checking the notes.
Ensure that you get your child’s feedback regarding their practice, and even ask a few questions to help you understand them better.


Among the leading questions that you may opt to ask them include;
Can you use a different string to play that piece?
Which is the most difficult part of your practice?
What music are you planning to play next?
If slowed way down, what would this sound like?


3. Motivate your child via performance

It is naturally common for kids to show off and will play to their best at the slightest provocation of their parents at home. However, most of them will barely mention or show their skills when with other children. One of the best and excellent methods of easing your child into performing in front of a group including enrolling them in orchestra classes that often have group performances as well as recitals from the private instructors and tutors.


It is essential to keep your child motivated and interested in keeping practicing. Your child should experience the fun associated with playing the violin, and should also be allowed to choose the instrument that suits them, rather than restricting them to the violin. It is common to see people starting with the viola, switching to cello and the violin, before settling onto one instrument. You should also ask them on any pains and mild aches as a result of playing the violin, probably due to a wrong playing position.


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