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3 Things We Learned From Queens


Formed in Britain in 1970, Queen is a rock band whose initial lineup included Brian May as the lead guitarist & vocalist. Freddie Mercury was also a vocalist, but he played the piano as well. John Deacon handled the bass guitar while Roger Tyler played the drums in addition to vocal contribution. Initially, the group played hard rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal. However, they slowly ventured into more radio-friendly music. They did that by incorporating other styles into their records such as pop and arena rock.


Recording Companies Rejected Their First Four Songs

After formation, the band recorded four songs on a demo tape. Recording company did not express any interest in these songs. In 1973, they released their first album followed by a second one in 1974. Both albums top the musical charts in the UK. However, the album Sheer Heart Attack, produced later in 1974 and a Night at the Opera released in 1975, gave them international recognition.


Sheer Heart Attack topped the UK music charts for nine weeks. From this, we learn that sometimes you have to be patient before you get a breakthrough. Despite recording companies rejecting their initial work, Queen did not lose faith. Instead, they persisted in their endeavors and their persistence paid off when their third and fourth albums became hits.


Every Other Album Was an Instant Hit After Their First Hit

Queen included diverse musical styles into their productions and they experimented as well. Doing so made their music very successful and popular. Most of their songs topped the charts in different countries making the band very popular internationally. For instance, the ‘Love of my Life’ album was voted 13th greatest album of all time in Britain, and it received triple platinum statues in the United States. From this, we learn that it is possible to remain at the top of anything we are doing as long as we are willing to experiment in different ways. In other words, trying new things helps us to become successful.


They received biggest ever TV audience in July 1985

On 13 July 1985, Queen performed Live at an event held at the Wembley Stadium and they had a TV audience of 1.9 billion individuals. This created a new record as the biggest ever TV audience. In the show, the Queen performed some of their greatest hits. The audience clapped, swayed, and sang along to this hit. From this, we learn that as long as we have passion in our work, it is possible to win the hearts of many.


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