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3 Famous Pianists You’ve Got To Know: Classical Music


1. Frederic Chopin (March 1, 1810, to October 17, 1849)

Born in the Duchy of Warsaw, Chopin moved to Paris when he was twenty-one years old. He left Poland just as an uprising was starting in that country. Fortunately, he had completed his education on music before these events unraveled. While in Paris, Chopin developed a preference for salon performances as opposed to public concerts. In fact, he only gave 30 public performances from the time he arrived in this city to the time he died. Most of his income came from teaching the piano and selling his compositions. Interestingly, all of his compositions included the piano.


2. Wolfgang Mozart (January 27, 1756, to December 5, 1791)

Mozart is arguably the greatest classical pianist in history. He composed over 600 works during his lifetime and many of them astounded fellow composers over the centuries. For example, Joseph Haydn, the Father of the Symphony, once said that the world would not see an individual with as much talent as Mozart in 100 years.

Mozart’s greatest works included the Don Giovanni, Piano Concerto No. 24, and Symphony No. 40 among others. Some researchers argue that listening to Mozart increases your IQ. Others studies show that doing so helps you fight depression. Even though some people dispute these claims, they give you an idea of Mozart’s impact on society.


3. Johannes Brahms (May 7, 1833, to April 3, 1897)

Johannes Brahms was a classical pianist and composer. More specifically, he was a German pianist who spent much of his life in Vienna. His works are so mesmerizing that many people compare him with Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach. In fact, Hans von Bulow, a great pianist at the time, referred to these three talented people as the ‘three B’s of music.’

Sadly, doctors diagnosed Brahms with liver cancer in the last half of 1896. This condition did not dampen his love for music. Instead, it strengthened it. More specifically, Brahms attended musical performances despite his ailing health. In March 1987, he attended a concert where Hans Richter was conducting his Symphony No. 4. He also attended Johann Strauss’ opera performance three weeks before his death.


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3 Famous Pianists You've Got To Know: Classical Music

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