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3 Famous Musicians You’ve Got To Know: Jazz Guitarists


1. Pat Metheny (Born on 12 August 1954)

Pat is a jazz guitarist who incorporates many styles into his performances including jazz fusion, contemporary jazz, and Latin Jazz. He is also the leader of the Pat Metheny Group, which is a jazz fusion band. He founded it in 1977. Renowned jazz pianist, Lyle Mays, is also part of the group. Pat boasts of twenty Grammy Awards and three gold albums. Moreover, he is the only individual to win a Grammy in 10 different categories. Pat uses a Pikasso guitar in most of his performances. He signed onto various recording labels during his career including ECM, Warner, Geffen, and Nonesuch Records.


2. Wes Montgomery (6 March 1923 to 15 June 1968)

John Leslie Montgomery was his real name, but people abbreviated his middle name to Wes. He had a sister and three brothers. The three brothers were William, Kenny, and Thomas. Sadly, Thomas died at the age of sixteen. He was a drummer. The three remaining brothers formed a group known as the Montgomery Brothers. This group released various albums including Almost Forgotten in 1955, MontgomeryLand in 1958, and Groove Yard in 1961 among others. Moreover, Wes led his own band and he even refused to join John Coltrane’s band. He died of a heart attack on 15 June 1968.



3. Pat Martino (Born on 25 August 1944)

Martino is a reputable composer and a jazz guitarist. He started playing the guitar professionally when he was 15 years old. Usually, he would play at various jazz clubs such as Smalls Paradise in New York and Club Harlem in Atlantic City. Martino scooped the Guitar Player of the Year (2004) based on a reader’s poll in Down Beat Magazine. Artists who have worked with him include Don Patterson, Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, and Charles Earland among others. Jazz musicians respect him because of his advanced knowledge of jazz theory. In fact, his approach to playing the guitar is mathematical.


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