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3 Famous Musicians You’ve Got To Know: Classical Violinists


1. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (March 4, 1678, to July 28, 1741)

Vivaldi was a man of many talents. For example, he was a Baroque composer, a priest, and a teacher. However, his greatest talent was his mastery of the violin. In fact, a series of violin compositions known as Le Quattro Stagioni were his greatest work. His father, Giovanni Battista, taught him how to play the violin. Interestingly, Vivaldi’s mother had him baptized immediately after his birth, because she feared for his life. Some researchers claim that Vivaldi’s poor health at the time of his birth informed her fears. It is important to note that Vivaldi could not play wind instruments because he suffered from a serious form of asthma.


2. David Fyodorovich Oistrakh (September 30, 1908, to October 24, 1974)

Oistrakh was a classical violinist whose instrument of choice was the Stradivarius violin. Born in Odessa (now part of the Ukraine), Oistrakh started violin studies at the tender age of five. He performed at his debut concert when he was six years old. Then he joined the Odessa Conservatory when he was 15 years old. Oistrakh relocated to Moscow after he graduated from the conservatory. He gave his first recital soon after he landed in this historic city. He also met his future wife, Tamara Rotareva, while he was in Moscow. She was a pianist. Their son, Igor Oistrakh, grew up to be a violinist.


3. Arcangelo Corelli (February 17, 1653, to January 8, 1713)

Corelli’s father died five weeks before the birth of this great violinist. His mother raised him and his four siblings. At first, Corelli studied music under the direction of a priest. Then he moved to several towns in search of the perfect place to learn and practice music. These towns included Lugo and Bologna among others. Finally, he moved to the city of Rome. While there, he established himself as a classical violinist and his fame earned him a fortune. In fact, he had many possessions when he died including 120,000 marks, fine violins, and numerous works of art.


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