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3 BIG Secrets to Play Piano


The Pianist… is not anybody who can sit at piano and play a song, but somebody who wakes up everyday resolved to take his adventure of playing piano to the next level. Sometimes he gets stuck, but every day is an opportunity to get better when he plays piano.


Study shows that the music industry as we know it is in transition, some professions are fading away, but the piano music is taking a new shape to the future as the fastest growing music career in the world. And… you can become the pianist of tomorrow if you know the 3 BIG secrets that drive all the pianists who get big results.


Aside from being one of the hot skills to master, becoming a pianist could also be an entirely different universe of experience .
Success With Piano is Doing these 3 things extraordinarily well.


Love. Play. Listen.
Become a better pianist simply by loving playing and listening extraordinarily well.


1- Love – Piano playing to become a pianist is like riding a bicycle, is accessible to you when you practice and enjoy the pianist’s adventure.

Find a couple of music you enjoy to sing and play on the piano. It is important you play with love, feel with all your senses, and talk about them with deep emotion as if it is the woman you love and can’t let go. Not treating them as something you read from the old piano book.


2- Play and practice the piano regularly for concert or for the sake of recital. It’s important to know your scale very well, but when you are stuck don’t quit. Just go back to the song you play for fun. This will give you the inspiration to go ahead.

As a pianist, you must be aware of your purpose before you sit at piano that will make it easier to endure the pain of practice to play even beyond your comfort zone. This is because it’s place where you can get the piano mastery; the mastery of outwardly expressing what you feel inside.


3- Listen but don’t critic. As a future pianist, take time to listen to piano music. Attend expert pianists’ concerts and listen with all your senses as somebody who loves music. Don’t analyze what hear, Just listen for the joy of it, and squeeze all the juice out of it.


If you are reading up to this point, I am optimistic that your best days are ahead because you realize what becoming a master pianist mean for your life. You OWN your future and what is in store for you.


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