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Genuine Love for Music

Kids aged 4-9 are the perfect age to start developing a musical ear. With the help of a qualified, highly trained teacher, your child can learn to love music and build stronger scholastic capabilities.

Music is powerful. Children who play musical instruments have been found to score higher on standardized tests than kids who do not. You can instill a genuine love for music in your child by enrolling them in a private music lesson.

Age-Appropriate Lessons

We help your child learn in their style, at their own pace. All kids progress rapidly when they love what they’re learning. That’s why our expert teachers build unique lessons for your child. Guiding them every step of the way, our teachers transform musical interests into musical gifts, with detailed lessons. Nothing can stop a child that wants to learn. We help them see just how incredible music can be.


Willan’s Mission & Vision

Willan is derived from “will”. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but at Willan we believe in guiding the students’ will to transform their musical gifts to the highest degree of excellence possible. 


A Word

From Our Founder

“Music lessons where your children can develop genuine love for music, that’s exactly what we offer, so they can open up their hearts to explore and develop their artistic abilities to the highest levels possible. We know that when they are willing to learn, nothing can stop them.“

– Kenji Haba

In-Home Lessons

Music lessons are available in the homes of our students located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Each student learn differently, so we carefully examine learning styles of your child and create an Individualized curriculum.

Online Lessons

Take online music lessons via Zoom, Skype or any other platforms. Our dedicated teachers will guide your child how to play an instrument. We carefully examine  learning styles of your child and create an Individualized curriculum.

Join our Free Online Student Recitals! 


In-Home & Online Music Lessons

top rated music lessons in new york

Learn from the best pianists to take your skill to the next level, no matter what stage you’re starting at.

Guitar Lessons in NYC

Our guitar lessons are for people of all age groups and skill levels. 



Discover the joy of learning cello with personalized in-home lessons in New York City.

Children having fun in violin lessons in manhattan

Take violin classes in Suzuki-method or traditional method. Either way, we ensure that you enjoy every moment of learning violin.

Songwriting classes in new york city

Our private songwriting classes offer an exciting opportunity for children to explore their musical talents and express their creativity through the art of songwriting. 

saxophone lessons nyc

Other instrument lessons are also available; Cello, Saxophone, Flute, and more.


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