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Saxophone Lessons:

(In-home lessons are available in NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.)
~ Saxophone lessons are available for Children and Adults of all ages and skill levels~


The saxophone is a timeless piece of musical equipment. Some of world’s greatest musicians were jazz artists who played the saxophone. Even today, contemporary jazz music is widely loved and appreciated. What’s more, many current artists are incorporating the use of a saxophone in their music to create some very catchy tunes! This makes it more appealing for kids to learn the sax. There are several reasons why you should encourage your child to take up the sax including an improved respiratory system, a self-esteem boost, a deeper appreciation of music, and more importantly, it’s fun! Here are 3 more important benefits for kids who play the saxophone.


A Productive Way to Express

Kids go through various emotions that affect the way they grow up if expressed in a negative way. The saxophone is known for being one of the most expressive instruments out there. Through the sounds created by the sax, a child can express any emotion they feel, such as joy, sadness, anger, mellowness, energy, etc. All this expressed in a productive way; what more could you ask of your child?


Focus and Concentration Come Natural

Like any other instrument, playing the sax means you need to concentrate on a number of things like rhythm, tempo, pitch and notes. A child that is taught to grasp this level of concentration from a young age is sure to develop a high level of focus and drive as an adult. Moreover, it will help kids to excel in studies and future jobs.


Its Versatility Rubs Off On the Player

The versatility of the saxophone allows the player to tap into many genres and musical settings including marching bands; orchestras; jazz and blues bands; pop, rock and easy-listening music shows. This proves to be very beneficial for kids to adapt in new social settings because they are more comfortable in the presence of different people.


Why NYC children and adults choose Willan for their saxophone lessons?

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Saxophone Lessons:

Saxophone lessons provide students individual instruction with one of Willan Academy’s faculty members and customize to the specific goals, needs and aspirations of each student regardless of experience or age. At Willan Academy of Music, we provide free consultation to identify and tailor to your specific needs. Private lesson students can participate in a variety of performance opportunities including recitals. We offer lessons for children (ages 4+) and adults. Saxophone lessons for kids are 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

We understand the difficulties involved in mastering a musical instrument; therefore, we ensure that kids are taught age appropriately and given enough time to learn and grasp each skill. This is a place for students to progressively develop their musical skills over a course of time. Talent over time we like to call it!

Student register for 16-weeks of lessons for Spring and Fall Semester. Any number of lessons during summer. Registration is open year-round. For any questions, contact us at 646-838-3990 or email info@willanacademy.com.
Trial lessons are also available.

Private lessons can start at any time during the school year.
Piano, Guitar, Singing, and Flute lessons are also available.


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Saxophone lessons for kids NYC

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